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World Astronomy Day

(May 22, 2018)

A special assembly on World Astronomy Day was organized by the Darshan Academy Delhi students of X- B to raise the curiosity in astronomy among students. News, important facts, poems and a thought provoking quiz conducted by the students to increase students' participation and knowledge were presented. Ms. Chadha, the program coordinator concluded the assembly by explaining the importance of astronomy and its uses in real life.

World Heritage Day

(May 22, 2018)

World Heritage is the shared wealth of humankind. Protecting and preserving this valuable asset demands the collective efforts of the international community. This special day offers an opportunity to raise the public’s awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability. A special assembly on World Heritage Day was conducted at Darshan Academy Delhi. The aim of the assembly was to convey the message and make people aware about the importance of heritage sites and their preservation. Students of Grade I presented a short skit displaying a glimpse of the Seven Wonders of the World and the importance of preserving our heritage. A quiz competition was also conducted to test the knowledge of the school children about rich Indian heritage. A speech on the conservation of our boundless heritage was delivered by Ms. Richa, the program coordinator for students to comprehend its importance and history and pass it on as an honour to the next generation. Mr A David, Principal also addressed the students with his inspiring and passionate words on the rich heritage of India.

Professional Training Workshops

(May 21, 2018)

Empowerment of teaching is an integral part of DEF policy. Two regional workshops were conducted in Darshan Academy Delhi and Darshan Academy Ludhiana on 12 and 14 May, 2018. Teachers from various Darshan Academies attended the workshop. Experts and resource persons shared their knowledge and teachers showcased best practices. The workshops were divided into five main sectors - IP, physical education, art and craft, library and music. There was also a workshop for receptionists. The main objective of the workshop was based on skills required for the workplace. In the library session, the importance of encouraging children to inculcate a habit of reading was discussed and how to develop a reading culture in the school. Other presentations included main streaming HPE, yoga classes, classroom management, teaching methods, creative ideas for teaching music and art and how to teach PT. The I.T. Dept. shared topics on cyber awareness along with software installation. Overall the workshops were a great success inspiring and motivating the teachers with new and creative ideas.

Promising Teacher Award for Outstanding Contribution

(May 21, 2018)

The Indian International Teacher Association (IITA) Principal Conclave, North India was held on 12th of May 2018 at Professional University Phagwara. The Conclave was organised by IITA in association with Wednesday Times Magazine. Approximately 300 principals and educators from different regions of the country participated and were honoured for their contribution in the field of education. Categories of awards included the Nation Builder Award, Dr Apj Abdul Kalam Award and the Promising Teacher Award. Col G.S. Chadha, Registrar Punjab University Chandigarh and Mrs. Ashraf Noorani, Chief Guest graced the occasion. The Conclave concluded with an enthusiastic presentation on the use of technology in education by Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta, Dean LPU. At this event, PGT Chemistry Mr. Manmohan Singh, Darshan Academy Ludhiana received the Promising Teacher Award for outstanding contribution in the present education system and innovative practices. Congratulations!

International Earth Day

(May 21, 2018)

International Earth Day is celebrated worldwide by drawing people of all nations together to advance earth care. A special assembly was conducted at Darshan Academy Delhi on 21 April 2018 by the students of Grade-II under the guidance of their class teacher, Ms. Suman Sikka to sensitize others about taking good care of planet Earth. It began with the awakening thought about the present critical situation of Earth followed by an informative speech by their class teacher. The students presented a beautiful song ‘I am the Earth’ in which the beauty of the Earth and its natural landforms were compared with the present serious condition of Earth. It was followed by an inspirational speech by Mr. A David, the school Principal focusing on improving the condition of Earth and preserving its natural beauty. The students took a pledge to take care of the Earth.

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