C.B.S.E. Affiliation No - 1130644

Darshan Academy

Academic Excellence

Our students follow a full academic program designed to meet state and national accreditation standards. They take courses in science, social science, math, reading, writing, spelling, language arts, literature, communication skills, and computer technology. Students are taught to be proficient in reading and writing in English as well as the country's official language, and a third language where required by national standards. Students receive instruction in the fine arts, music, poetry, drama, and creative writing.

They participate in physical education, sports, dance, and athletics. They attend health and safety classes to learn the proper care of the body, good health habits, nutrition, safe living, and disease prevention. Students have full use of the school library and multimedia centre for study and research.
Students are taught how to adapt to the technological advances of an ever-changing world. They attend classes on study skills, goal setting, time management and other effective, productive working habits that enable them to become independent learners. They are also taught creative problem solving techniques to prepare them for the challenges they will face in life.
The academic instruction at Darshan Academy is based on the latest research in learning styles and accelerated learning. The teachers help students reach their highest potential in the shortest possible time. Using teaching methods that increase comprehension, memory, and retention helps students excel in all academic areas.
The curriculum is of the highest quality and students are expected to achieve the maximum standard of academic excellence. In India students are prepared for C.B.S.E. examinations.

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