Academic Excellence

Pre Primary

Pre Primary Wing follows Multi Sensory approach for teaching. A multi-sensory approach also known as VAKT (visual-auditory-kinesthetic, tactile) implies that students learn best when information is presented in different modalities . The belief is that students learn a new concept best when it is taught using the four modalities. A multi-sensory approach integrates sensory activities. The students see, hear, and touch. It involves the use of our senses. It focuses primarily on using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile elements.


  • Teaching centered and student centered approaches are followed in Primary classes.
  • Experiential learning approach is also used that involves in “learning by doing” and participating in hands-on experiences.
  • Usage of Smart class technology also enables students the easy method of learning by experiencing the lessons audio-visually.
  • Regular class tests and assignments are given to ensure the progress of students.
  • Teaching – learning process focuses on how the knowledge gained by the students is applied to the real world.
  • Activity based learning such as group discussions, role plays, debates in the teaching – learning process helps students to explore the concepts and ideas.

Middle & Secondary

  • Active Learning-Peer instructions, Group Discussions, Sharing of information , Thinking on topics by students is the best method for transfer of knowledge.
  • Visualization, use of smart class modules help the students to understand better.
  • Activity based learning –focuses on approach to teaching by engaging students in real world problems & to explore the things.
  • Teachers give purpose and learning goals clearly to the students and also use models and examples to make the topic interesting.
  • Verbal and written feedbacks are given to the children after assessing them. Also the children are given opportunities to provide feedback to the teachers so that certain changes can be done in the teaching process.
  • Teachers spend time with each other discussing the best teaching approaches to be implemented. All the teachers are positive and enthusiastic about teaching and motivating the students.


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